Hi! I’m Russell Robinson, and I created “Learning Photography” to help new photographers begin to master their camera. I’ve been capturing the world around me for decades, and I’ve always been fascinated by the cameras, techniques, and processes we use to make our photographic creations.

My Story

Learning photography can be tricky. There’s lots to learn, and for me, it felt overwhelming. As a beginner, I remember continuously hearing from online photographers that if you don’t shoot in “Manual” mode, then you aren’t a real photographer. Every time I switched to “Manual”, my photos came out like garbage. I signed up for a 6 week long photography course at my town’s local community center. The class was good, but it mainly focused on camera settings, not photography techniques.

I just “knew” there had to be more to photography than the tools we use. I wanted to learn how some Instagram photographers create such mesmerizing digital artwork. What’s their trick? The type of camera they use? Their lens choice? Maybe their editing? How do they do what they do?

As the years went by, I kept pressing my shutter button, and “discovered” new (to me) techniques and ways of capturing photos. Is my photography perfect? No. Will it ever be? Probably not. It’s a journey. We’re all learning photography along the way. I’m currently working on my Bachelor’s degree in Digital Design: Photographic Design. I’m still learning photography.

Why “Learning Photography”?

That’s why I created this site. I want to share any helpful tips and info for new photographers looking for simple ways to up their game. Maybe there’s a “look” you wonder how to create, or a subject you’re not sure how to capture. Maybe you just want to know the best camera settings for a specific situation.

As long as there’s new photographers who need to be learning photography, I’ll keep writing new posts to help answer questions.

Want to work with me?

For inquiries, and to see examples of my work, check out my other site: https://kewltekphotography.com

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